Where We Play


Where We Play

Well Abandonment Casing Recovery, Casing Removal and Rigless solutions for Permanent Plug & Abandonment Applications.
Slot Recovery/Re-entry Systems for Well Preparation including Recovery and Removal of Casing, Whipstocks and Contingency Standard and Specialised Fishing Tools.
Workover Well Repair components including fishing & contingency tools, and Milling, Cutting & Pulling Tools.

Ardyne Technology

Ardyne develops and supplies bottom hole assembly (BHA) technology to address the challenges specific to mid- to end of life wells.  Our technology is designed to optimise operations, cut costs and reclaim rig time, and is backed by decades of operational insight from our team.  We provide field service in the above applications, delivering Ardyne’s expert knowledge and experience with a focus on responsiveness and adaptability.

Other Equipment

In addition to developing our own systems and tools, Ardyne work with selected suppliers of industry best technology, to provide tried and tested solutions for P&A, Slot Recovery/Re-entry, and Workover applications.

Combining this best in class existing equipment with Ardyne’s independent service capability and knowledge transfer options, we offer reliable conventional fishing services in addition to our own niche technology, to bring our customers a full range of options to suit their operations.

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