Ardyne designed single-trip cut and pull system

A rotary driven, single-trip cut and pull system that incorporates several innovative trip saving features including an integral tension set packer and a hydraulically activated spear in conjunction with the ability to either run & set a bridge plug or dress a cement plug prior to commencing the cutting and recovery of the target casing.

Simple on the outside

TRIDENT was designed for simplicity of operation, with the aspiration of enabling other service contractors or the rig crew to perform simple casing recovery operations.  The TRIDENT system is made up of three modules - the TRIDENT cutter, the TRIDENT anchor, and the TRIDENT tension set packer.

Clever on the inside

TRIDENT has inbuilt extras including: cut verification capability; a swarf management system to avoid swarf entering sensitive well control equipment; annulus circulation around the cut casing, and other features.