Tubing Packer Spear & The ASV Removal Toolbox

09th June 2021

Ardyne are equipped to deliver services for ASV removal in any scenario. Our downhole tools have been designed specifically for ASV Removal, our fully traceable assets are manufactured to NS1 and inspected to NS2.

Full range of services for any operational requirement, contact us for more information.

open ASV case study  


Ardyne were approached by a Norwegian O&G Operator in 2020 to tender for a PP&A campaign which included 21 annular safety valve (ASV) removals. A newly designed spear to set in 5 1/2" was proposed to be developed to address the operational challenges. The Ardyne Tubing Packer Spear was designed, built, tested and offshore in 3 1/2 months, as of May 2021 it has been deployed on 3 successful recovery operations.

Click below to view the full TPS case study:

tubing packer spear