Shogun Cement Thru System

01st September 2023

Ardyne now have our newly developed Cement Thru Cut & Pull BHA, name Shogun, available for field opportunities globally.

The SHOGUN System is a modular multi-function cement through cut and pull BHA. 

It allows for a number of time and trip saving benefits including:

  • Hydraulic or mechanically set Bridge Plug & tag / pressure test
  • Pumping cement
  • Hang off for surface operations while waiting on cement
  • Tagging / dressing cement plugs
  • Displacing the well to desired well fluid
  • Performing multiple casing cuts
  • Anchoring on demand for depth control when cutting - No need to run a marine swivel
  • Pulling and recovering casing: - Verify casing is free by pulling at cutting depth - Pulling from the hanger and recovering to surface

You can read more here;

The Shogun System