DownHole Power Tool Bringing the Power

30th October 2023

Our newest case study from the Gulf of Mexico involves 11 3/4” casing to be recovered from below the 13 3/8” Casing Shoe to allow an Open Hole Sidetrack, completed in 8,000ft water depth.

311ft of casing (260ft in Open Hole) remained stuck in the well even after 40 hits at maximum load from a Jarring BHA. Read our case study to see how the DHPT was apply to apply 1 million lbs of force directly downhole in order to retrieve the casing where jarring had been unsuccessful.

DHPT Case Study


The DHPT was also utilised last year for a GoM client to recover a stuck 4” Seal Assembly from 21,300ft after 6 failed recovery attempts and months after the well had to be suspended. You can read more here about how the system reduced operational time through its trip saving benefits;

Stuck Seal assembly


Other successful GoM operations include when our full TITAN System completed casing recovery operations, 4 trips and 94.5 hours were saved on an Open Hole Sidetrack operation;

Open hole recovery


In the build up to that operation our TRIDENT System was also deployed on the same well, retrieving from cased hole and eliminating 3 trips and avoiding an additional 58 hours of operations;

cased hole recovery