TITAN RS - Ardyne & Equinor JIP Moving to TRL 4

22nd March 2022

Some exciting news, The collaboration between Equinor and Ardyne to develop a single trip Casing Recovery system which can Cut, Jack, apply Resonant Vibration and clean out has successfully taken the BHA to TRL 4 (Technology Readiness Level 4) meaning that it is ready for field use.

The technology development harnessed the technical expertise of both organisations including a rigorous shop testing programme along with full scale BHA simulation at the XRig in Norway. The TITAN RS system is intended to allow for the recovery of very long sections of casing where there is aggressive settled solids and/or challenging open hole recovery requirements. Currently preparations are being made to run the full system offshore with the plan to prove it out to TRL 7 level over ongoing field exposure.

The benefit of the system will be to reduce rig costs and emissions through realised time savings on slot recovery and plug placement operations

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