With ensured reliability



With ensured reliability

Reliable and tested milling technologies

Ardyne offers reliable and tested milling equipment, and are in the process of developing next generation milling technologies.

We offer mills that are tailored for achieving specific results.

Dynasty Energy Services

The Predator enables stabilized Thru-Casing Section Milling while ensuring no harm to outer casing strings regardless of casing eccentricities. Predator can perform single, dual, and triple casing string section milling, as well as pilot milling & burnishing casing ID’s or under-reaming to exact requirements.

Available for casing sizes 7”-30” OD the Predator employs a modular design which maximizes operational functionality, whilst reducing the number of tools required.

Available directly from Ardyne in Europe, Africa, Middle East & Asia Pacific.

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Section Milling

Section mills are used to mill a window in casing to expose formation or an outer casing string.  In P&A applications section milling is performed prior to placing a cement plug to restore a rock to rock barrier.

Packer Milling and Retrieving

Packer Milling and Retrieving tools are design to mill away Packer slips without damaging the casing and retrieve in the same run.

Pilot Milling

Pilot Mills are used to mill Tubing, Liner Hangers and Casing. Long full OD blades extend life and ensure that couplings are milled in the same operation.

Other Milling

Taper Mills - used primarily in front of Cutting and Spear BHA. Taper Mill is also design to mill out collapsed area in Casing. Design with crushed Carbide and Inserts.

Junk Mills - primarily used to mill away metal objects in the hole that cannot be retrieved. Junk mills comes in various design  with crushed Carbide and Inserts.

String and Water Melon Mills with spiraled blades are used to mill out collapsed area in Casing and as secondary Mills in a Clean out BHA. Designed with crushed Carbide and Inserts.

For problem applications, Ardyne can provide a solution - including the design and build of custom milling equipment. 

Alternatively, the Downhole Power Tool (DHPT) can increase the pulling force applied to stuck casing, and provides a potential casing recovery alternative to section milling.  Find out more about DHPT

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