The TITAN® System

Single Trip Casing Recovery with Downhole Power


The TITAN® System

Single Trip Casing Recovery with Downhole Power

The TITAN System has the flexibility to save days on every casing recovery operation, from the simplest single trip cut and pull, through to partially cemented casing, open hole or high angle wells.  Read our case studies to learn how the TITAN System saved 4 trips, and 41 hours on a North Sea slot recovery operation, more about the TITAN System's on demand cut, pull and jack capabilities, or how the TITAN System is pulling cemented casing.

The TITAN System

Industry challenge

The number of aging wells in need of intervention - slot recovery, re-entry (IOR) and P&A (decommissioning) - is increasing, which presents new operational challenges. 

Well uncertainties from old cement, formation shift and casing degradation can play a part in making casing recovery an unpredictable operation.

Flexible technologies that allow an adaptive response to wellbore challenges are therefore a prerequisite to successful casing recovery operations.


The TITAN System unifies a downhole hydraulic power tool with a casing cutting and recovery capability, in a single trip operation.

The downhole adaptability of the TITAN System maximises the recoverable casing in challenging circumstances by utilizing the pulling capacity of the power tool and the repeatable casing cutting capability.

The TITAN System is Ardyne's latest patent pending technology, and includes the Downhole Power Tool, Ardyne's ALO Valve and the FRM Spear, a motor, and a cutter.

The TITAN System
The TITAN System

TITAN RS System - Recovery with Resonance

The Ardyne developed ART - Ardyne ReSonance Tool - enables the pulling of casing with resonance assist. Dynamically amplified vibration is transferred to the stuck casing through a casing spear in order to vibrate the settled solids, reducing the bond strength and friction. Therefore reducing the required pulling force to free the stuck object.

When the ART is combined with the already successful TITAN® System it enables a high jacking load to be simultaneously applied, the combination of amplified vibration and high jacking forces combine to allow the maximum probability of casing recovery. With the additional benefit of being able to cut casing without tripping back to surface the TITAN RS® System virtually guarantees casing on deck every time.

Ardyne Resonance Tool  

Downhole Power Tool

The TITAN System includes the Downhole Power Tool (DHPT).

With more than 1,200+ runs globally, the DHPT is a superior pulling tool with a world-class track record for P&A, slot recovery and fishing operations.  Delivering extraordinary rig time savings of  around 35%, the DHPT hydraulic power tool pulls any fish out of the wellbore, eliminating the need for jarring, reducing the requirement for milling, and minimising strain on equipment and the drilling rig.

Typhoon® Spear

The TITAN System incorporates Ardyne's Typhoon Spear.  This next generation casing spear with mechanical and flow release mechanisms has no grapples to break or slip, and is quickly becoming popular with our customers as a standalone alternative to conventional casing spears.  Watch our video now.

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