Casing Recovery Toolbox



Casing Recovery Toolbox


Ardyne’s single source Casing Recovery Toolbox brings innovative technologies together from one single source giving you the functionality you need to fix all common problems. Our tools offer the flexibility and functionality to optimise your operation and quickly adapt to unexpected circumstances, from Stuck Casing (DHPT) to Partial Cement / Annular Debris to Barrier Verification.

Ardyne’s toolbox is borne from decades of experience in casing recovery; the operational and design expertise of the best downhole BHA systems for well abandonment, slot recovery and workover solutions. Alleviate hassle, worry and stress with everything at hand to tackle every problem - when your plan changes, your tools can change too.

So if you want to save time and money on your next operation, box clever with Ardyne.

Ardyne’s newly developed Casing Recovery Toolbox has saved more than a day of rig time on a planned three-and-a-half day operation and improved efficiencies by thirty-five percent for UK-based operator Fairfield, with the help of Ardyne's unique Casing Recovery Toolbox.

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E&P Magazine have featured the Casing Recovery Toolbox - read the piece here:

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The TITAN System

Single Trip Casing Recovery with Downhole Power.

The TITAN System maximises the recoverable casing in challenging circumstances by utilizing the pulling capacity of the Downhole Power Tool (DHPT) and adding repeatable casing cutting capability - for Casing Recovery in Open Hole, High Angle Wells, or in wells with Partial or Old Cement, Formation Shift or Casing Degradation.

The TRIDENT System

TRIDENT is an integrated, multi-trip saving casing cutting and pulling system. TRIDENT's functionality includes the ability to dress a cement plug or set a bridge plug, perform and verify multiple cuts, and retrieve from 9-5/8” and 10-3/4”, all in a single trip.

Recovery with Resonance

The Ardyne developed ART - Ardyne ReSonance Tool - enables the pulling of casing with resonance assist. Dynamically amplified vibration is transferred to the stuck casing through a casing spear in order to vibrate the settled solids, reducing the bond strength and friction. Therefore reducing the required pulling force to free the stuck object.

Ardyne Resonance Tool  

Cement Thru Cut & Pull BHA - The Ardyne Shogun System

The Ardyne developed Shogun System is a modular multi-function cement through cut and pull BHA.

It allows for a number of time and trip saving benefits.

Shogun System  


Ardyne offers conventional casing recovery BHA components, including internal and external catch equipment, and our enhanced casing cutter.

Both the TRIDENT and TITAN Systems are modular, with functionality that can be tailored to the needs of the well. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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