With significant time and cost savings



With significant time and cost savings

Fast and cost-effective

Casing Recovery operations are performed to cut and recover to surface a section or multiple sections of casing. Ardyne offers systems optimised for Power, and for Precision applications, ensuring a fast and cost-effective result, whatever the challenge.

Down Hole Power Tool (DHPT)

A superior pulling tool with a world-class track record for P&A, slot recovery and fishing operations, which delivers extraordinary rig time savings of around 35%: equating to around US$500million. It pulls any fish out of the wellbore, eliminating the need for jarring, reducing the requirement for milling, and minimising strain on equipment and the drilling rig.


Trident is an integrated, multi-trip saving casing cutting and pulling system. Trident’s functionality includes the ability to dress a cement plug or set a bridge plug, perform and verify multiple cuts, and retrieve from 9-5/8” and 10-3/4”, all in a single trip.

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Flow Release Mechanical Spear

Ardyne's next generation casing spear is available for operations now, and will have its official launch soon.  Watch our video now, and visit us again later for more new materials, case studies & brochures.


Ardyne offers conventional casing recovery BHA components, including internal and external catch equipment, and our enhanced casing cutter.

Both Trident and the Downhole Power Tool systems are modular, with functionality that can be tailored to the needs of the well. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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